Joint Webinar Presentation

Data Privacy and Identity Integrity: What You Need to Know

Europe: Thursday, February 4th | 4:00 PM CET

United States: Thursday, February 4th | 10:00 AM ET/7:00 AM PT

More than just a set of rules and regulations, Data Privacy has become the expectation for every consumer around the world. It is now one of the pillars upon which customer loyalty and brand recognition stand upon.

When considering Data Privacy, most organizations look first to the data layer. Auditing where data resides, classifying data and placing controls around that data (e.g. Personally Identifiable Information, or PII). But what about who controls that data? A crucial area that is often overlooked is the identity layer - how safe are the accounts used to access that data? If those identities are easily compromised, control over data can quickly be lost.

In order to to locate, secure, and manage sensitive information successfully, you also need to ensure identity and access is accounted for:

  • Assurance that your identities are resilient to common attacks like credential stuffing or phishing
  • Detailed and current understanding of exactly who has access to the information you aim to protect
  • Firm grasp of the integrity of Active Directory (AD) itself

Poor identity controls provide an attractive target for bad actors who can use compromised identities to access data. In order to secure data, and ensure Data Privacy, you must also secure the identities that provide access to that data. AD provides the bedrock of authentication and authorization for most enterprises worldwide. This is particularly true for hybrid identity solutions where AD is synchronized to Azure AD and Azure AD SSO is not in use.

Join Yves Horemans, VP of Sales - Sertalink, and Gavin Ashton, Security Strategist - Stealthbits, for our joint presentation "Data Privacy and Identity Integrity - What You Need to Know" to get a better understanding of the data security risks your organization faces, and how to better achieve Data Privacy by not only focusing on the data layer, but also on the identity layer.

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VP of Sales, Sertalink


Security Strategist - Stealthbits

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