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4 Attacks that Exploit Active Directory Permissions and How to Protect Against Them

It’s tough to stay on top of who has effective permissions to critical objects in Active Directory given the many ways that access can be granted. However, it is mission-critical in today’s security landscape. Why? Because cyber attackers are constantly finding innovative ways to steal your credentials and data. The latest exploit is using a new Bloodhound version that leverages Active Directory permissions as part of its attack path mapping. 

In this webinar, Cybersecurity veterans and STEALTHbits senior executives Jeff Warren and Jonathan Sander will walk you through the 4 stages of an attacker’s path:

  • Exploiting Weak Permissions with PowerSploit
  • Attacking AD Permissions with Bloodhound
  • Persistence using AdminSDHolder and SDProp
  • Unconstrained Delegation Permissions
As they go through the sequence, they’ll explain how each attack works so you come away knowing how to stop attackers at each phase.
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Date: Tuesday, June 27th
Time: 1:00 PM ET
Duration: 60 minutes with live Q&A


Jeff Warren 
SVP, Technical Product Management
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Jeff Warren STEALTHbits
Adam Rosen

Jonathan Sander
Chief Technology Officer
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