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Pragmatic advice from Gavin Ashton, author of "Maersk, me, & notPetya"

Thursday, August 13th | 11:00 AM ET | 8:00 AM PT

June 27, 2017 was far from a basic day for Gavin Ashton. As the Identity & Access Management SME and Service Owner for one of the world’s largest freight transport and logistics conglomerates, the day marked the beginning of two, intimately intertwined experiences. In the days and weeks to follow, he learned how to recover from a devastating ransomware attack that wiped out virtually everything of consequence. Over the course of many months, he subsequently learned about the effects – both negative and positive – such an event can make on an organization and an individual. This period of enlightenment taught Gavin about what’s really important, what cooperation really looks and feels like, and what really works for the IT professionals tasked with managing and protecting their organizations’ IT infrastructure from compromise and catastrophe.

Join Identity & Security Expert and author of the viral “Maersk, me, & notPetya” blog post, Gavin Ashton, for a 60-minute crash course on why “Do[ing] the basics” is any organization’s best option for mitigating the risks associated with credential compromise and advanced threats. Stealthbits’ Field CTO, Gerrit Lansing, will also provide attendees a useful and valuable real-world practitioners guide to leverage when implementing Gavin’s advice, providing specifics on the approaches and tactics organizations can leverage to quickly secure what matters most.

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Gavin Ashton

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