Data Privacy via Data Security

Tuesday, November 10th | 11:00 AM ET/8:00 AM PT | 30 minutes

Gartner Recently conducted it's annual Security & Risk Summit, and one of the key takeaways from it was this projection: there will be a major jump in Data Privacy regulations in the near future - from 10% of the world's data covered currently, to 65% in 2023. That's a 550% increase in less than two years...

Data security can be achieved without data privacy, but you can't effectively fulfill data privacy without data security. In terms of complying with regulations, or protecting against breaches, you must know your data and have protections for it. Without those measures, you won't be able to justify it to a regulator, or safeguard it from malicious intent from internal and external threats.

It's not Data Privacy vs. Data Security, but rather Data Privacy via Data Security.

Join Adam Rosen, Stealthbits Technologies' VP of Product Strategy, on Tuesday, November 10th at 11 AM ET, as he breaks down what you need to manage cybersecurity breaches and regulatory compliance, including:

  • Controls for managing different data types
  • Policies and processes for managing access
  • Highly restricted permissioning

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Adam Rosen

VP, Product Strategy - 
Stealthbits Technologies