Active Directory Attack Paths:

How Object-level Permissions Lead to Inadvertent Access

Tuesday, November 17th | 11:00 AM ET/8:00 AM PT | 30 Minutes

The overwhelming majority of organizations worldwide leverage Active Directory (AD) as their central hub of authentication and authorization. It literally holds the keys to the kingdom, and because of this, it is a central target for threat actors to leverage in order to infiltrate your organization. Unfortunately, native tools and views into AD and AD object permissions lack the ability to scale effectively, even in smaller environments. Without this insight, your organization is vulnerable to a variety of AD attack paths and inadvertent access that can lead to serious data breaches.

Join Jeff Warren, GM, Stealthbits Technologies, on Tuesday, November 17th at 11 AM ET, as he reviews:

  • How attackers can exploit weak AD permissioning
  • Weak Password Identification and Reset Capabilities
  • Unconstrained Delegation Permissions

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Jeff Warren - GM, Products - Stealthbits Technologies


General Manager - Products
Stealthbits Technologies