Two Sides of the Same Coin: IT Security and Compliance – What Don’t You Know?

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In today’s business world, it has never been more important to be secure… or is it compliant? Or both?

While Enterprises have been subject to a variety of regulatory compliance methods over the years from SOX, to HIPAA, and more, the EU GDPR set the stage for new regulations focused around the identity of people and their right to protect it. That has started a chain reaction across the globe creating new legislation and new motions on an almost weekly basis.

And what do all of these compliance regulations have in common? They all require organizations to re-evaluate their IT Security practice and ensure the information they leverage every day – whether it’s Intellectual Property, HR Records, or customer data – is protected and accounted for, and that there’s a system in place to prove it.

STEALTHbits is excited to include CQURE Cybersecurity Specialist, Dr. Mike Jankowski-Lorek, to join STEALTHbits VP or Product Strategy, Ryan Tully, for this presentation. Please watch to review:

  • New Regulations in Play
  • Who They Effect
  • Typical Methods of Attack and How to Secure Against Them
  • How To Become Compliant

Typically speaking, if you’re compliant, you might not be secure, but if you’re secure, you’re probably compliant. Watch this video recording of the live webinar to learn more!

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