Storage Reclamation Across a Distributed Environment

Duration: 32 Minutes

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) estimates that the annual cost of storage is $4,025 per terabyte. Organizations are finding that more than 60% of all stored data is inactive and with storage rates growing at 50%-80% a year that can become costly. By identifying and removing old data from file systems, file shares, and collaboration sites, organizations can reduce cost. 

In this webinar, Ian Andersen, VP of Professional Services will cover why Storage Reclamation is important and the risk and reward when executed properly. 

Participants will learn how to: 
•    Identify data owners 
•    Assess and prioritize data structures 
•    Mitigate risks associated with clean up 
•    Clean up data structures 
•    Measure process

Iam Anderson - VP of Professional Services

Ian Andersen

VP of Professional Services
Stealthbits Technologies