StealthDEFEND: Leveraging Behavioral Analytics to Reduce Insider Threat

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Securing data requires proactive interrogation of dozens of data points. Identifying when, where, how, who, what. Performing this level of analysis has either been impossible or highly inaccurate and inefficient. 

Behavioral analytics is transforming security by making it much easier for enterprises to gain visibility.  However that analysis is only as good as the data it is being fed. StealthDEFEND is a purpose-built platform that enable our customers to leverage file activity data and sensitive data context to eliminate excessive and undifferentiated warnings, surfacing truly meaningful trends and alerts on attempts to compromise your sensitive data. STEALTHbits Technical Product Manager, Daniel McLaughlin and SVP of Product Marketing, Adam Laub, will walk through the launch of StealthDEFEND, the real-time threat analytics component of STEALTHbits’ Data Access Governance Suite.

In this webinar, Daniel and Adam will cover how StealthDEFEND can

  • Analyze a rich set of file activity data with unsupervised Machine Learning models that evaluate, correlate, and baseline the activity and behavior of users.
  • Provide seamless sensitive data integration.
  • Leverage pre-configured threat models associated with Ransomware, Abnormal Behavior, First Time Host Access, First Time Client Use, and Unusual Processes.
  • Profile user behavior.
  • Deliver SIEM Integration in addition to native real-time alerting.
  • Provide an Incident Detection Response workflow.

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STEALTHbits Technologies Webinar StealthDEFEND: Leveraging Behavioral Analytics to Reduce Insider Threat