Recovering from Active Directory Disasters – StealthRECOVER v1.1

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Active Directory is one of the most critical services in a Windows network. To avoid downtime, loss of productivity and even recovering from malicious activity, it’s essential that you have effective disaster recovery plans in place for problems related to Active Directory. StealthRECOVER helps recover from scenarios such as accidental deletion of critical objects, accidental mass changes, and malicious or rogue insider sabotage.

In this on demand webinar, STEALTHbits Technical Product Manager, Daniel McLaughlin and SVP of Product Marketing, Adam Laub, walk through the latest advancements in StealthRECOVER, an Active Directory rollback and recovery solution

  • Leverage StealthRECOVER to maximize operational integrity and uptime
  • Utilize new, advanced search capabilities that allow administrators to investigate and understand individual objects and all their changes over any period of time and provide them with a simple mechanism to review, rollback, or revert objects to any prior state or condition.
  • Employ enhanced object recovery options like automatic object enablement 
  • Use Role-based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • Eliminate productivity loss from human and automated errors
  • Rollback Active Directory to precise changes and recover specific data (DNS, GPO, Users, Groups, Computers)

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STEALTHbits Te1chnologies Webinar Recovering from Active Directory Disasters – StealthRECOVER v1.1