Proactive Threat Hunting – How To Secure Active Directory and Incorporate File Activity Monitoring

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Organizations are experiencing new and evolving cyber threats that are increasing in both sophistication and frequency, often overwhelming Security Operation Center (SOC) staff. In response to the new challenges, threat hunting is a developing security practice that focuses on proactively detecting increasingly sophisticated insider threats.
In this Information Security Community Webinar, Gabriel Gumbs, VP of Product Strategy at STEALTHbits Technologies, will cover who is trying to attack us, what their motivation is, what happens if the adversary succeeds, and what they targeting.

Participants will learn:

  • What data elements are missing from the traditional threat hunting arsenal
  • How to incorporate the missing elements
  • Basic techniques and skills utilized for successful hunts
  • The required data feeds and collectors needed to begin
  • Where to leverage machine learning technologies

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Proactive Threat Hunting