Preventing SharePoint from Becoming ScarePoint

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The growth of SharePoint is staggering. Organizations are seeing triple digit increases in SharePoint deployments. Many of these are happening outside of IT and security controls. The platform is handed to the business, and they use it to create what they feel they need. Clearly, the users like being able to have the control because they are using that power to create huge amounts of SharePoint sites. That is also a source of risk.

Getting SharePoint under control starts with insight. You need to understand the scale of your SharePoint environment. You need to understand what content is being exposed and how. You need to understand who has access and who is granting that access. Most of all, you need to get a process in place to ensure that the business users making the SharePoint explosion happen are also taking responsibility for securing this powerful new platform correctly.

Join STEALTHbits for an interactive webinar in which attendees will learn how to get SharePoint under control with STEALTHbits’ 3-step process:

  1. Inventory SharePoint – Run a full inventory of SharePoint to understand the scope of the risks
  2. Expose Data Ownership – Use the information from the SharePoint inventory to expose data ownership
  3. Control & Manage Access – With the right business stakeholders identified access can be reviewed and brought under control

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Preventing SharePoint from Becoming ScarePoint