PCI-DSS Compliance - More Than Just Staying out of the Headlines

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Every month, sometimes every week, there is news of another major credit card breach. That’s all the evidence security professionals need to acknowledge the rise in global cyber-crime and the ever-increasing danger of the insider threat. All of these organizations in the headlines were supposed to be PCI-DSS compliant. They had the threat of heavy fines, the possibility of not being able to use credit cards to bring in revenue, and the potential for massive damage to their brand reputation and resulting customer loyalty. What kept them vulnerable when they knew that so much was at risk?

We provide a variety of solutions to help organizations meet their PCI-DSS compliance goals. We will take you through how STEALTHbits can help you:

  • Discover PII and other types of sensitive data
  • Analyze data, permissions, and risk
  • Remediate the security gaps you find with automated actions
  • Put effective control in place to monitor secure targets
  • And more!

PCI-DSS is about more than staying out of the headlines. Come join us for an interactive webinar and we will teach you how we can help your organization address PCI-DSS compliance head-on and protect your data.

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PCI-DSS Compliance - More Than Just Staying out of the Headlines