Making Open Access Compliant and Secure

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If you asked a security professional whether or not there was a place on the network where anyone in the entire organization could put (or get) any data they wanted, even the organization's most sensitive information, and there were no controls or ownership associated with the data placed there, what do you think they would say? If they said yes, then they would be right. Just about every organization has open access file shares. Some of these open shares are legitimate, like the place where all the benefits and other organization wide HR forms are stored for all to consume. Many are the result of improper configuration. Even the legitimate open shares can be misused by end users, exposing critical sensitive information. In this STEALTHbits webinar you will learn:

  • How to discover and categorize open access
  • How to assign business ownership to open access, and engage the business to address the issues associated with it
  • What steps you can take to start finding how much of your organization's sensitive information may be exposed via open access

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Making Open Access Compliant and Secure