Lock Down Your Local Administrators

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In an organization’s environment, Local Administrators often times hold the virtual “keys to the kingdom,” having the ability to: 

  • Logon to servers locally without Active Directory
  • Start/Stop Services
  • Add/Remove/Change Local Security Policies
  • Manipulate applications
  • Control the local file system
  • Download software
Unfortunately, for many, local admin auditing can be a huge gap in their overall security structure. Is your organization struggling with this problem? Ask yourself the following questions: 
  • Can you discover what local administrators exist on all of your systems and identify the access they have?
  • Are you able to analyze the access that has been granted, understand if the access is still necessary, and if any excess permissions can be removed?
  • Would you quickly be able to remediate any identified open access points, excessive permissions, or unneeded elevated accounts on your local systems?
If you answered “no” to any of these, come join us to learn how STEALTHbits can solve your local admin auditing needs! 

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Lock Down Your Local Administrators