Introducing StealthDEFEND™: Purpose-Built UEBA

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The findings of virtually any data breach report will depict the same story. Attackers are circumventing traditional security measures at the network perimeter and are after two things; credentials and data. Often, organizations struggle to keep up with attackers, incapable of separating the noise from the important events or distinguishing the normal from the abnormal.

StealthDEFEND is a purpose-built User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solution designed to identify abnormal behavior indicative of account compromise. Laser-focused on the authentication and authorization hub of an organization’s IT infrastructure – Active Directory – StealthDEFEND profiles users and systems using higher quality data than any native log can provide.

Join us for this important webinar as we:

  • Present a 101 crash course on UEBA
  • Discuss the importance of UEBA
  • Preview StealthDEFEND

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