How to Protect Against File System Attacks

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Attackers are after two things, credentials and data. At the core File Systems are where that data resides. Our blog and webinar series have covered protecting credentials and now we look to how you can protect your data. In this webinar, cybersecurity veterans and STEALTHbits CTO Jonathan Sander and VP of Product Strategy Gabriel Gumbs will provide expert insight on 3 File System attacks:

  • Open and vulnerable Share reconnaissance (PowerSploit and smbmap)
  • Sensitive information targeting (PowerSploit and smbmap)
  • Persistence through NTFS extended attribute (PowerShell)
Their discussion will take you through each step of finding sensitive information, exfiltrating it, and making sure they can replicate the pattern later. As they go through the sequence, they will describe how each attack works, the techniques and tools used to perpetrate them, and what you can do to stop attackers in their tracks.

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STEALTHbits Technologies Webinar How to Protect Against File System Attacks