How Important is Active Directory to Successful IAM?

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All the major applications are on board with your IAM rollout. The IAM vendor has shown you the list of connectors and all the stuff you need is on it, including, of course, Active Directory. You think you’re ready, but AD has some surprises for you.

In most organizations, AD has not been structured to support the IAM mission. In fact, most of the time AD has not been structured to support any single mission. It’s been twisted and shaped along many missions as time has gone by. M&A activity may even mean there are multiple sets of overlapping structures all fighting in the same AD infrastructure. This is not going to be good for IAM.

AD is a critical component at the start of IAM as it is viewed as a major source of authoritative data. If that data is missing, inaccurate, or badly organized, an IAM rollout can be stopped in its tracks, and there’s nothing a good connector can do for that.

The solution is to optimize AD for the missions it needs to fulfill today. That optimized AD will also be your ally at the end of an IAM cycle. One of the natural outcomes of a healthy IAM rollout is removing lots of access. If AD is a twisted knot of groups, removing access is nearly impossible. An optimized AD means you can take action on the business’s access decisions. STEALTHbits will tell you how we can get you to that optimized state in AD so you can help ensure your IAM success.

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How Important is Active Directory to Successful IAM?