Getting Ahead of the IAM Game with a Clean AD

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5 Ways An Effective Security Model and An Optimized AD Structure Helps Assure IAM Success.

If you’ve ever attended an IAM seminar or conference you’ve heard the scary statistics about failure rates for IAM projects. One major contributing factor to this is the state of Active Directory in most organizations. Since AD is the heart of user account information and access granted via groups, it is the natural starting point for any IAM rollout. However, instead of finding a clean port to dock at, the IAM ship often finds AD more like rocks to crash on. In this webinar, STEALTHbits will discuss 5 ways their AD Optimization and Clean Up approaches can help your program avoid these pitfalls. This will include the what and the why behind each of these items, as well as showing data to back it all up.


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Getting Ahead of the IAM Game with a Clean AD