File Activity Monitoring with STEALTHbits

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The ability to monitor file access activity across file shares residing on NAS and Windows devices represents both a tremendous gap and opportunity for organizations looking to identify threats, achieve compliance, and streamline operations. 

Unfortunately, many times for simple reasons, organizations can’t answer the most basic questions surrounding data activity. 

The STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor is a simple to install and easy to use solution that monitors and stores file activity for NAS (NetApp, EMC, Hitachi) and Windows devices. Come join us to learn how this new solution can provide your organization with: 

  • The ability to query all file activity for specific values or specific combinations of values 
  • A clean, simple UI grid to view the results of the queries executed against the data 
  • The ability to feed file activity data to alternative technologies like SIEM and/or export data in formats that are easy to understand and work with

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