Extending IAM into Unstructured Data

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Huge numbers of organizations have taken on the challenge of rolling out IAM (Identity and Access Management) and IAG (Identity and Access Governance) solutions to do certification and attestation of access to IT resources. While the main focus of these solutions has been on applications, 80% of an organization’s information is sitting in unstructured form on data repositories such as file systems and SharePoint sites.

IAM and IAG solutions struggle with unstructured data due to the distributed nature of the access models that govern access to these repositories. In order to fully understand who has access to unstructured data and how they are getting it, deep insight into the file system or SharePoint and Active Directory is necessary.

In this webinar, we will discuss how STEALTHbits extends IAM and IAG solutions by providing insight into the unstructured data world, which is necessary for these solutions to adequately manage access to the majority of an organization’s data.


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Extending IAM into Unstructured Data