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The problems and challenges associated with managing and securing your unstructured, human-generated data are not only real, but dynamic, complex, and critical. Unstructured Data represents 80% of all data, but has often been an afterthought in Identity & Access Governance programs, resulting in massive overexposure to risk of insider and outsider threats, security breaches, and compliance failure. 

Join STEALTHbits Technologies for an informative, 60-minute Webinar to learn how your organization can implement a concrete Data Access Governance program that won’t break your back, or the bank. 

Attendees will learn both tactical and strategic approaches to Unstructured Data management and security, and how STEALTHbits’ suite of Data Access Governance solutions will answer some of the most difficult questions you face along the way, including: 
  • Where is and who has access to my data? 
  • How did they obtain access? 
  • What level of access do they have? 
  • Who is accessing data? Is their access activity normal or suspicious? 
  • Where is my sensitive data? 
  • Where am I most vulnerable? 
  • How do I begin to clean-up access and implement Least Privilege Access principles? 
  • And more! 

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Data Access Governance Solutions Webinar