Attacking Microsoft SQL Server Databases

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Real security is built in to everything, not wrapped around it. However, there are many corners of the IT stack that seem to still behave as if security is going to be taken care of for them by other layers. Nowhere is this more evident in our experience than at the database layer. That isn’t to say that databases don’t have security built it. They do. Most simply don’t seem to be using that security supplied and largely seem unaware that it is there. In this webinar we will look at how Microsoft SQL Server can be discovered, attacked, and used as a vehicle for attacking systems and data. By the end, we hope you will have the information you need to become one of the exceptions to the rule and run MS SQL in a safe and secure way.

In this webinar, STEALTHbits Senior Product Manager, Farrah Vijayan and Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Sander will cover:
  • Discovery and initial exploit using nmap and medusa with reference to metasploit
  • Review of the kill chain in a box that makes up PowerUpSQL
  • Exploiting weak SQL configurations to own the system-level using plain SQL and more… 

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