4 Active Directory Attacks and How to Protect Against Them

Duration: 44 Minutes

Active Directory (AD) is a prime target in virtually every cyberattack because bad actors know just how critical AD is in their quest to find and steal credentials and data. In this webcast, cybersecurity veterans and STEALTHbits SVPs Jeff Warren and Adam Laub are going to give you expert insight into 4 Active Directory attacks:

  • LDAP Reconnaissance (PowerSploit and PowerShell) 
  • Local Admin Mapping (Bloodhound)
  • NTDS.dit Extraction (VSSAdmin, PowerSploit, and Hashcat)
  • Stealing Passwords from Memory (Mimikatz) 

Their discussion will follow the same order as an attacker’s attack path—from gaining a foothold and zeroing in on targets to stealing password hashes and performing PtH and authentication-based attacks. As they go through the sequence, they will describe how each attack works, the techniques and tools used to perpetrate them, and what you can do to stop attackers in their tracks. 

Jeff Warren - General Manager of Products

Jeff Warren

GM of Products
Stealthbits Technologies

Adam Laub - CMO

Adam Laub

Stealthbits Technologies