Moving From Checkbox Compliance to True Data Security

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With the prevalence of data theft among companies like Yahoo! and Cambridge Analytica, Data Security has come to the forefront of conversations in the Information Security community. Establishing a core set of principles around protecting credentials and data is fundamental to defending against a data breach.
Having a Data Access Governance (DAG) program where a least privilege access model is established is key to achieving true data security. We have broken down the steps to a successful DAG program into 5 phases: discovery, collect and analyze, monitor, restructure, and govern. Building a successful DAG program will lead to data specific compliance with virtually any regulation so that operational standards are being met.
Listen to Adam Laub, SVP of Product Marketing at STEALTHbits Technologies, as he presents the first webinar of the 3 part series where he gives a brief overview of DAG and how it can lead to compliance. At the end of this webinar you’ll have a deeper understanding of why the 5 phases are crucial to creating a true data security program.
View the On-Demand Webinar to learn:

  • Why you need to know your sensitive data footprint
  • How to determine which data is at risk
  • How to identify data stakeholders
  • Which step will help you achieve a least privilege access model
  • What processes can be instantiated to keep data and the places data lives clean, secure, and compliant

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