Moving From Checkbox Compliance to True Data Security

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Organizations are shifting focus to a core set of principles around protecting their credentials and data, but they often struggle with a starting point. Despite the prevalence of data breaches worldwide, data security is an unaddressed to-do item for much of the Information Security community. Data Security is the last line of defense against theft of an organization’s data. Unfortunately, many organizations are treating data security as a checkbox exercise through the lens of compliance standards that are meant to simply provide a framework for the bare minimum. Compliance should fall under the jurisdiction of risk within your data governance program, rather than being the sole guideline that your data security program is built upon. Checkbox exercises quickly become outdated, which results in inadequate data protection and fails to align to the spirit of the regulation.
Read this white paper to learn the foundational blueprint to Data Access Governance (DAG), and an introduction to the five phases that will help your organization shape a true data security program:

1. Discovery - Pinpointing where data lives to obt a complete view of your data footprint

2. Collecting & Analyzing - Reviewing relevant data points to answer critical questions (e.g. sensitivity, access, ownership, age, etc.)

3. Monitoring - Observing activity to understand user interactions with sensitive data

4. Restructuring - Adjusting permissions to achieve Least Privilege Access and position for effective governance

5. Governance - Controlling access to ensure security, compliance, and operational standards are met

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