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How Attackers Are Using Mimikatz to Steal Your Credentials

Successful cyberattacks are becoming more common. Part of the reason is tools like Mimikatz are making it easier for would-be attackers to steal your credentials and penetrate your network. 

In this webinar, cybersecurity veterans and STEALTHbits executives Jonathan Sander and Jeff Warren examine the different ways Mimikatz can be used to compromise your environment and what you can do to protect it. Specifically, they will walk you through:
  • What Mimikatz is and how it works
  • How Mimikatz ties into ransomware attacks like Petya
  • Where native protections fall short
You will come away knowing the ways Mimikatz is being packaged and run against your enterprise and how you can detect and stop it.
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Date: Tuesday, August 8th 
Time: 1:00 PM EST/12:00 PM CT
Duration: 60 minutes with live Q&A


Jeff Warren
Senior VP, Technical Product Management
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Live Webinar

STEALTHbits Gabriel Gumbs

Jonathan Sander
Chief Technology Officer
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STEALTHbits Technologies Jeff Warren