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Game Over: Use IBM, STEALTHbits, and Sirius to Stop Playing Hide-and-Seek with GDPR Access

Imagine if you were playing 'Hide-and-Seek', and you had X-ray vision to see through objects, how quickly you would win the game! While technology can't go that far, it can help give you a leg up on your path to meeting GDPR requirements.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) applies to organizations processing or storing data of EU data subjects. Critical GDPR readiness steps include focusing on knowing where personal data is stored, who has access to it, what they are doing with it, and what the access risks are. IBM Security Guardium provides capabilities to help clients address requirements around structured personal data and database access, IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI) helps with identification and mitigation of access risks, and STEALTHbits' StealthAUDIT brings visibility to unstructured data. Together, they help you see the access-risk 'blind spots' and provide a more complete view of the personal data access risk puzzle.

Join us for a webinar hosted by Sirius where IBM and STEALTHbits will demonstrate how you can identify, evaluate, and mitigate access risks across your enterprise and show you how to improve your position ahead of the May 25, 2018 enforcement deadline.  

Clients are responsible for ensuring their own compliance with various laws and regulations, including GDPR. IBM does not provide legal advice and does not represent or warrant that its services or products will ensure that clients are in compliance with any law or regulation. Learn more about IBM's own GDPR readiness journey and our GDPR capabilities and offerings to support your compliance journey here.

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Date: Wednesday, December 20
Time: 11:00 AM ET
Duration: 45 minutes plus a live Q&A

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