Entitlement Reviews: The Secret Ingredient To a Successful Data Access Governance Program

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One secret to a successful Data Access Governance program is getting business owners involved in a repeatable Entitlement Review process.  A periodic Entitlement Review process asks your business owners to decide if the right level of access is being given to the right people.  As a result of the review, business owners may decide to increase, decrease or eliminate access based on each individual’s job requirements. When successful, Entitlement Reviews create a least privilege access model that reduces risk and improves security.
Watch as Adam Rosen, VP of Sales Engineering, and Darin Pendergraft, VP of Product Marketing, share how to setup and maintain a successful Entitlement Review program as part of an overall Data Access Governance strategy.
You will learn:

  • How to organize the environment for effective governance
  • How to get the right stakeholders involved
  • How to create a repeatable process that your business owners will embrace

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