Emerging & Continuing Trends in 2019:
Privacy Regulations, Active Directory Security & Machine Learning

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As the mass of your data increases, so does the opportunity for attackers. The number of possible security incidents goes up, but most incident response teams do not have the expertise to tell legitimate activity from a true threat. 

​​Learn from Paul Asadoorian, CTO of Security Weekly and STEALTHbits Technologies, as they discuss the emerging and continuing trends of 2019 in this on-demand webinar replay.  Now that GDPR is in effect, at least one US State (so far), California, has passed a wide sweeping privacy regulation that goes into effect in 2020, giving organizations only one year to prepare.
Additional trends they will explore include: 

  • Adaptations of machine learning and the business problems they have been solving
  •  An in-depth discussion of both the attackers view and defenders view of Active Directory security.

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