Data Footprint: Understanding Data Sensitivity and Prioritizing Risk

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Part 1 of this blog and webinar series took you through an overview of Data Access Governance (DAG), and introduced you to the 5 crucial phases you should complete to establish a true data security program. This webinar will focus on the first 3 phases in detail which will allow you to establish a least privilege access model.
Join Adam Laub, SVP of Product Marketing at STEALTHbits Technologies, as he walks you through the discovery, collect and analyze and monitor phases of the DAG process. He'll guide you through how to find your data footprint, the most effective techniques to analyze your data's sensitivity, and what you should be looking for in your search to establish stakeholders.
Participants will learn:

  • How to get a clear picture of your organization's data footprint
  • Where your structured and unstructured data resides
  • How to classify and tag data based on sensitivity
  • The importance of effective access
  • How to determine who should be your data custodians

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