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CQURE & STEALTHbits: Defending Against Modern Ransomware Threats

In the last few years, and really in the last few months, ransomware outbreaks have tested the mettle of state agencies, communities, hospitals and organizations across the country.

In the early days, ransomware’s presence and execution could be detected by combining observation of abnormal file system activity with the presence of a few key signatures. As time has gone on, however, ransomware detection has become much more difficult, requiring organizations to implement detections much earlier in the attack kill chain and mitigations for the vulnerabilities modern variants exploit.

The more recent ransomware variants like Trickbot/Ryuk and LockerGaGa are sophisticated enough to spread laterally on their own through embedded versions of Metasploit and Mimikatz, allowing them to pull passwords out of memory and escalate privileges to critical systems such as Active Directory Domain Controllers.

Join CQURE’s CEO and Founder, Paula Januszkiewicz and STEALTHbits’ General Manager – Products, Jeff Warren, for an informative webinar on these new, modern ransomware attacks, and how to protect your organization.

During this 60min session, we’ll review:

  • Characteristics of Modern Ransomware Attacks
  • Five Approaches for Thwarting Modern Ransomware Attacks
    • Detection & Response
    • Mitigation
    • Control
    • Enforcement
    • Recovery

Whether and how much damage is caused by these modern ransomware attacks is within your control!

Register for our session on Tuesday, October 15th, at 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT to learn more!


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Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM ET
Duration: 60 minutes


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Jeff Warren
General Manager, Products
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Paula Januszkiewicz
Founder and CEO

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