Top Causes of Security Breaches in 2016 


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The news in 2016 was filled with cyber attacks. Given the headlines, you’d think most data security breaches employ highly sophisticated methods that are virtually impossible to prevent. The sad truth, however, is that organizations are sometimes their own worst enemy when it comes to protecting credentials and data.

Why? A recent study by Praetorian found that the five most prevalent threats to corporate data are all security vulnerabilities within an organization’s control. Weak domain user passwords top the list due to lax practices around controlling permissions and access within Active Directory. Another top offender is using the same local admin passwords across systems.

In this webcast, we'll show you how to close these self-inflicted security gaps by:

  • Auditing Active Directory (AD) and Windows Operating Systems to find security gaps
  • Remediating gaps like inappropriate privileged access in AD and improperly configured systems
  • Deploying security and operational best practices for AD and critical desktop and server infrastructure


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Top Causes of Security Breaches in 2016